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In professional services, human capital is your greatest asset. Consequently, recruiting is not only a hiring function, but an investment in your future.

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The Changing Labor Market

After the pandemic spawned the Great Resignation, law firms reacted by throwing money at the problem. As recruiters, we found ourselves back-filling positions through bidding wars. For a short time, this approach worked to get people in the door – but it did not keep them happy for long. Even now, when Big Law layoffs should make recruiting easier for many firms, the struggle to hire and retain good lawyers persists.


Growth on Purpose

The Lawt recruiters pursue the industry’s most qualified attorneys on behalf of law firms and corporate legal teams. Our daily conversations with associates and partners across the country give us a constant pulse on their expectations. The feedback is consistent: More than any tangible benefit, they desire cultures that inspire, work they feel good about, and sustainability of practice, which means advancing their careers through quality of contributions, not quantity of hours.

Traditional recruiting would rely upon a job search to match a firm with a lawyer’s wish list. However, the reality is that most firms are not prepared or willing to meet these intangible priorities, and the “musical chairs” method cannot treat the pervasive ailment of the industry: Firms aren’t prepared to serve a values-driven workforce.

That doesn’t sit well with us, so we don’t sit with the status quo. Our evolving services and approach to recruiting holds our clients accountable to collaborating, adapting, and growing on purpose.

Our team at The Lawt is motivated by more than money; we thrive on purpose, and we believe your team does, too. The Lawt offers sustainable and customized solutions to the complex expectations of our workforce, including culture consulting and lawyer engagement strategies.

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Community on Purpose

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5 Benefits to Prioritizing Partnerships with Women- and Minority-Owned Businesses

The Lawt is a certified Women-Owned Business by the WBENC, but our certification is often overlooked and undervalued. Despite their professed importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion, law firms’ commitment to these values is questionable if their business decisions are inconsistent with that commitment. If dubious credibility isn’t motivating, law firms should consider these five compelling benefits to prioritizing partnerships with certified women- and minority-owned organizations: