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Gone are the days when sign-on bonuses worked to recruit elite talent

Law firm hiring is now a perpetual reimagination of traditional recruiting. There is no “new normal.” The only constant is the demand from attorneys for greater fulfillment and flexibility. They don’t crave more money or fancy offices; associates want to feel valued and inspired. They are seeking out teams who offer meaningful, inclusive, and adaptive cultures.
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How We Are Different

We consider ourselves mediators more than recruiters in that we are responsible for helping employer and employee understand each other’s needs to create sustainable, fulfilling practices. We brief clients on the labor market’s evolving demands to keep them agile, adaptable and competitive.

The Lawt offers solutions to keep firms competitive, including traditional recruiting and now culture consulting and DEI case studies. These services go above and beyond the old school “match maker” or “headhunter” standards and prioritize recruiting and growth strategies driven by values.

To stand out in the Am Law crowd or garner credibility as a boutique firm, law firms must sell who they are as much as what they offer.


Associates are a dynamic group of lawyers with evolving and diverse goals. Each career decision they make impacts the arc of their career and the specialization (or generalization) of their practice.

Because every move requires them to consider their long-term goals, we coach associates on a wide range of topics, including; the trade-offs of private practice versus in-house roles, career decisions necessary to make partner, differences in compensation modeling and how that plays into work/life balance and core values alignment, and how to brand their resumes to gamer the attention of their top firms.


Partners seek our help to explore the market for the following, common frustrations with their current firms:

  • Dispassionate about the firm’s core values, misalignment with firm leadership, and lack of work/life balance
  • Inability to capitalize on referrals and cross-market selling within the firm, particularly in firms with specialized/singular practice areas
  • Billable rate inflexibility
  • Unattractive compensation models
  • Business decisions that limit or reduce originations and profit-sharing
  • Limited resources (associates, paralegals, technology, marketing department, etc.)

Business Professionals

Staff professionals are the backbone of law firms. For this reason, in addition to attorneys, The Lawt’s network includes C-suite, accounting, operations, and legal support professionals.

Our recruiters seek out candidates with career stability, experience at peer firms, exceptional references, niche legal skills, as well as core values alignment to ensure that candidates are not only technically qualified but excited to contribute to a team.

Groups & Mergers

Group partner moves are a powerful growth strategy. Law firms see rapid expansion of new practice areas or geographic footprints through group acquisitions, and partners align with the best platforms for their professional goals and client needs.

Our team exhaustively researches the market to originate prospects for firms and partners. From there, we are conscientious and highly strategic. The Lawt explores the objectives of all parties early in the due diligence process to get ahead of deal-breaking conflicts of interest or insurmountable financial concerns.

Acquisitions are nuanced and complex, but the Lawt’s philosophy is simple: We broker sophisticated deals with transparency, integrity, and discretion.

In House Searches

The Lawt recruits for law firms and the companies they support. Corporate legal teams engage The Lawt to find general counsels, staff attorneys, compliance officers and business professionals. Our in-house clients range from pharmaceutical start-ups to fintech companies and government municipalities.

Because of our wide ranging, national searches, The Lawt has a dynamic pipeline of legal talent who know us as the trusted source for coveted and often confidential career opportunities.

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